by Backmasker

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Firestarter 03:11
I could render every stone from memory painstakingly. This place is etched in flesh and bone. Each corner holds stories by the thousands... I watch a new dark tale unfold. The city begs, but no amount of healing prayer could save her bones so badly shattered. She drains the dregs, and by design crumbles away. No rapture for a soul so battered. It's all been turned to rust. A broken record spins eternal, as a cloud of golden dust makes believers all. A "mission of revival" - a sickening global sprawl. How could otherwise intelligent hearts be pervaded with such overt absurdity? Maybe it's time to pack it in and ride, accept my eviction. I don't have it in me to serve a work of fiction.
A lonely boy walks in the cold across a barren, somber land. His clumsy steps trod loosely on the uneven pavement below, once lush but now so bland. Each bank of ash he stumbles past reminds him of days long forgone. Under the murky haze each day grows darker than the last, the road goes blindly ever on. And we've been striking out with fists that don't connect, we've tried to run, but our legs are always wrecked. We're falling endlessly in shades of black. The paling light hides monsters gnashing from all sides. The swirling dust concealing vestiges where death resides. We must awake from this malignant self-catastrophe... won't somebody help us scream? Our conscience atrophies from years of slumber. We've felt the granite undertow it's calling us down, and we're softly sinking deeper underground. What will it take to wake from the hell we make? Death is just another plain that we all must cross someday. But sleepwalking through the pain waiting for the end to come our way? I'm getting up. I wake in hope, erase the lies and lulled frustration... I am alive. I stand in hope, embrace the brilliant saturation. I am alive.
Let my eyes shut and just let go. Reckoning dead, set adrift in the vast expanse between what we believe and what we know. When I awoke, I was overcome by the grandeur and beauty. It beckoned sweetly, reached with open arms. Held by the sway, made to contemplate the improbability, I felt so small. We're all just cosmic dust, electrons searching for meaning. We share a fundamental common history. We're all just atoms rearranged in complex ways, every part of us was part of everything, and will be again before too long. When will we learn? How many times will the second hand spin before we light the darkness we've been living in? I float in awe, the treeline speaks a tongue so old. The earth joins with the sky, the water feels so cold. I lay here in perfect humility. The dawn of growth, the dusk of death, I feel their energy. Nothing is ended, nothing lost. Everything in it's right place.
Leaver 02:39
Breakdown. Like tiny grains of sand we crumble, our foundation erodes away. A ghost town, wastelands of our own making. We had quite the run, my friends. Our day in the sun is ending, another era soon begins. We had to know it couldn't last. Our children won't look fondly on the past. We've let it slip away. Collectively scratching our heads, we wonder how we got here. Sustainability is dead. We'll never learn to survive unless we unlearn creationist dogma... I see the curtain falling on this opera. We're phoning in our redemption while leading the funeral procession. A burning butt thrown carelessly - the allegory of humanity.
Expiration 04:04
Tiny increments of time break off, die, and fall away indifferently as we decay. Each tick a footstep echoing like thunder, a yellowed snapshot fading into memory. We are all doomed systemically. We keep our fingers planted on the rewind instead of looking forward, living in past glories, when no one will get a medal for what they have done. Our road to death is paved with arrogance and self destruction, yet we toil on endlessly. We've got to find that fire, let it build, hammer to anvil, and forge new victories. Make the most of passing moments before our footsteps wash away.


released October 31, 2012

Engineered and mixed by Ben Hirschfield. Mastered by Jason Livermore.


all rights reserved



Backmasker California

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